Know What Matters—The Purpose of Keynote Speeches

Let’s start off with the basics. A keynote speech is the primary address at a public gathering that conveys the main theme and purpose of the event.

It’s typically the highlight of any major corporate or commercial gathering.

Interestingly, the term keynote originates from the practice of a cappella—which is the most important note in a performance. The keynote speech is similar, in the sense that it sets the tone for the event. The speaker becomes central to the rest of the activities of the night by summarizing, obscuring or revealing the major purpose of the function.

Can anyone become a keynote speaker?

Usually, the keynote speaker is someone with experience in the field, someone with a story to tell, successes to share and the ability to engage audiences.

Corporate motivational speakers like Steve Rizzo are professional keynote speakers. They’re experts at their job because they know how to get crowds going and deliver their words with purpose and meaning. They do this in order to boost the morale of attendees, share the values of the company and of course, share the secrets to success.

Keynotes aren’t just specific to corporate events; you’ll also find keynote speakers at graduation and commencement ceremonies, school events and the like.

Why are keynote speeches important?

Why are keynote speeches important - Know What Matters—The Purpose of Keynote Speeches

A good keynote speech is the climax of an event. It’s longer than the average introductory or conclusive speech and tends to be more thematically and purposively structured. A keynote speech can be delivered by a member of the organization that’s hosting—for e.g., the late Steve Jobs at Apple’s events—or you can hire a keynote speaker such as Steve Rizzo.

Speeches can be technical, product specific, motivational, somber or just downright entertaining and hilarious. It really depends on the company’s intentions and requirements.

A good keynote speaker has the ability to make you see things in a new light, offering a fresh perspective and opening up a world of new possibilities. Sounds a bit magical, doesn’t it? That’s the point. That’s why we trust people who have stories to tell and words to share to come and inspire us.

Get in touch with the brilliant and hilarious Steve Rizzo to speak at your next corporate event. You won’t regret it!

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