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Simply put, self-actualization means becoming the best version of yourself and reaching your full potential. The eminent psychologist Abraham Maslow placed self-actualization above even esteem needs in his hierarchy of human needs. To achieve this stage, one must learn to conquer one goal and be ready to achieve the next.

Only one in three Americans say they’re happy. Let that sink in. What does this statistic mean? It means that despite how essential happiness is to living a healthy life, not many people feel it.

It’s no secret that the quality of our lives is intricately tied to the quality of our thoughts. Optimistic, happy thoughts can help our heart beat joyously and our blood flow freely. They bring a spring in our step and make the world look brighter.

Some people keep a keen eye on their bank accounts to figure out how much they can spend, give away or invest. The one thing they may not give as much attention to is their time. Time is a far more precious resource and one that they waste without realizing.

Although it’s part of numerous resumes and is a common job requirement, the term “self-motivated” doesn’t mean much for most. People simply don’t come with this “built-in” feature.

When you hear the term “diversity”, what comes to your mind? The most popular answers are race, gender, age and cultural background. However, diversifying your workforce goes beyond filling the required female quota or hiring people that fall within certain age brackets.

As an entrepreneur, it can sometimes get difficult to set your own tasks without an employer’s support. As time goes on you will face a few setbacks. It might be hard to strike the perfect balance between the plethora of entrepreneurial tasks and your personal life.