When you hear the term “diversity”, what comes to your mind? The most popular answers are race, gender, age and cultural background. However, diversifying your workforce goes beyond filling the required female quota or hiring people that fall within certain age brackets. Continue reading

As an entrepreneur, it can sometimes get difficult to set your own tasks without an employer’s support. As time goes on you will face a few setbacks. It might be hard to strike the perfect balance between the plethora of entrepreneurial tasks and your personal life. Continue reading

It’s likely that your next big career move could be because of influential contacts—so start networking!

It could be your co-workers, friends, online personalities or individuals you aspire to meet. These are the folks who can potentially be your asset. They can help you achieve your goals such as forming an expansive client base or landing a new job. Continue reading

The effectiveness of the closing process is a make-or-break point in any sales deal. The final verdict largely depends on how well the salesperson is able to persuade the prospect to sign on the dotted line. Continue reading