Sometimes you need a clean slate to get rid of everything that’s holding you back in life to gain a fresh perspective. Not only does this allow you to challenge yourself, but it also gives you a chance to do things right the second time. However, the thought of starting over fills us with unbearable […]

Do you often think that life has been exceptionally hard on you lately and that no matter what you do, your circumstances don’t seem to get better? In situations like these, it’s natural to feel sorry for yourself. However, what isn’t okay is getting so comfortable with playing the victim that you refuse to do anything […]

You may have a couple of strategies that help you chart out the road to your success, but do you know what comes afterward? We’ve all heard stories of successful people who climb so high up the ladder that they can’t seem to see anything or anyone past their fame, success and pride. We vow to ourselves […]

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a high-ranking employee or a team manager, there’s nothing that will drive you toward success more than the power of motivation. It energizes people and enhances their productivity by allowing them control over factors that may impede their progress. The type of motivation that each individual requires to work at an optimal […]

We’ve all heard friends and loved ones advising each other about “laughing the problems away.” We also have that one friend in the group who often jokes about using humor as a defense mechanism. This begs the question—is laughter really the best way to deal with stress? Studies show that a sense of humor is […]

Stress is a word that’s all too familiar to the modern individual. It’s the feeling that anyone can relate to and understand. The effects of stress are also a familiar feeling for most people: headaches, shoulder and back tension, fatigue, brain fog, hypertension—so on and so forth. Most people would recommend taking a long, relaxing […]

Not everyone dreams of that 9–5 grind, sitting at your desk for hours on end, typing away or filing forms. Even though they offer a lot of security, desk jobs get a bad rep, being portrayed as some kind of soul-sucking, mind-numbing experience. It’s not surprising that they’re associated with ennui and dissatisfaction, of course. […]

Our entire lives, we’re taught to work our fingers to the bone. We’re taught the importance of the grind; we’re taught to work and push through and focus on some abstract, eventual goal that we’ll achieve. The issue, however, is that everyone’s goals look different. Everyone has a different idea of what it means to be […]