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They say that motivation comes from within, but you have to find it first. Whether it’s a painting, a book or a movie, there’s inspiration around every corner. All you have to do is look in the right places.

Do you ever stop and wonder how you passed your day? As far as you can recall, you pretty much did most of your work on autopilot. In fact, autopilot has been your mode for the last few days…or years.

One Saturday night in 1986, I was performing at Dangerfield’s Comedy Club in Manhattan. I had just finished my show and the emcee was making his final announcements when I noticed someone approaching the stage. No introduction was necessary. Rodney Dangerfield was at the pinnacle of his career and everyone knew who he was. Wearing […]

I am constantly amazed by the ways that people manage to deny themselves the chance at happiness in the moment. Instead, they fall prey to dangerous mindsets that decrease their potential for happiness. They put their happiness on hold when they repeat and internalize negative statements like, “When I finally buy a house, I’ll be […]