“Great Leaders know they become what they think about all day long.” – Rizzo-ism


Leadership Secrets

True leaders inspire, motivate and lead the charge to success boldly, regardless of their circumstances. In this lively, engaging program, Steve shares inspiring stories of extraordinary people and the intangible secrets that define them as true leaders. This program is based on Steve’s exclusive interviews with C-level executives, industry leaders and everyday achievers. Laugh along with Steve while you learn how to lead so others will follow you anywhere.

In Rizzo’s Leadership Secrets, you will learn the secrets of…

  • Extraordinary leaders that inspire, intrigue and exhilarate
  • How to start each day with an unstoppable attitude to succeed
  • Winning ways of thinking that change obstacles into opportunities
  • Seeing the brighter alternative to a potentially negative situation
  • What true leaders know that 99% of ordinary people don’t

Rizzo’s Leadership Secrets is available as a keynote or half-day program and can be customized to your audience, event theme and target outcome.

Give your group the strategies they need to succeed in business and life—delivered in an entertaining, powerful and memorable way. Steve is the speaker to get your corporate or association event energized and MOTIVATED!

You have the highest attendance and rating for an in-house Leadership session: ‘I left feeling like a new person,’ ‘I laughed so hard I cried,’ ‘I will definitely try the Common Sense Success Strategies Steve suggested,’ ‘Humor Being is such a wonderful high-tech tool.’ You made the audience laugh, think and learn.

Casey Casort, PTL Administrator – Tim Violette, Director, P&C – Boeing

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