Making the Right Impression the Second Time Around

Sometimes you need a clean slate to get rid of everything that’s holding you back in life to gain a fresh perspective. Not only does this allow you to challenge yourself, but it also gives you a chance to do things right the second time.

However, the thought of starting over fills us with unbearable anxiety and makes our toes curl. The explanation for this is simple—we’re humans and we tend to love living in a cocoon of comfort where we have a set routine and habits to keep us grounded.

But life has a funny way of throwing curveballs at you, so you never know when things can go sideways. If you’re in a similar situation and are looking for a way to turn your life around for the second time, here’s something you should know about the importance of moving on and how to embrace change to become a better version of yourself.

Making the Right Impression the Second Time Around - Making the Right Impression the Second Time Around

Starting over can be the best thing for you—why?

Starting over is hard—no matter if you’re doing it willingly or because your circumstances compelled you to. But how you start over is still under our control. You can either choose to make the best of a bad situation or give up entirely. But before you make up your mind, here’s why you should choose the former.

Starting over is often a consequence of experiencing failure. It’s understandable if the mere thought of failure paralyzes you with fear. But the important thing to note here is what one does once they’ve encountered it.

Dust yourself off and rise from the ashes like a glorious, fierce phoenix to make the most of your failure! While it may be difficult to see the silver lining when overcoming failure, you should always try to focus on what this failure has taught you. This will not only give you the drive to do better but also the tools to perform well the second time around.

Making the right impression

Once you’ve made peace with starting over, here’s how you can ace your second chance at life.

Manage your emotions

Managing your emotions is the first step toward moving on. If you’re in a bad headspace, likely, you won’t be your best self when you start your new life.

Make peace with your circumstances and accept them to move on. This requires a thorough self-assessment that will entail a reflection of not just your emotions, but also how you act around people, the impression you leave on them and ways through which you can improve that.

Understand other people’s perception

Whether you’re meeting new people in a bar who you want to befriend or going for a job interview, understanding the perception of others is crucial if you’re looking to impress them.

Rely on your instincts to make a quick assessment of what they expect from you. Pay closer attention to their body language and mirror their movements to make them more comfortable around you. If you’re in a professional environment, prior research about the company or the conference can also come in handy.

Be true to yourself and others around you

Studies show that the best way to overcome a bad first impression is to let go of the desire to impress through deception. Demonstrating purity of intent, coupled with the commitment to follow up on your promises, is one of the best ways to succeed in not just your professional but also your personal life.

Be true to yourself and others around you - Making the Right Impression the Second Time Around

We believe you have what it takes to muster up the strength to move on and dazzle everyone after brushing the dust off. After all, scars don’t just attest to the battles you’ve lost but also to the ones you’ve won!

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