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Over the past few decades, stress levels of the American workforce have soared incredibly. According to The American Institute of Stress, a whopping 80 percent of workers in the country feel stressed at their jobs. From lack of control to excessive demands, there are many reasons that employees feel this way. Stress can lead to […]

  Right now I’m about to give you a golden nugget of information that can change your life forever. Are you ready? Here it is. The key to starting your day with an unstoppable attitude to succeed and to keep the motivation going throughout the day, is to make sure you are feeling good during […]

  It absolutely amazes me that there are people who have been given every opportunity in life and still manage to sabotage their success and destroy their chances at happiness. Somewhere along the way they have adopted a negative perception about life and they continue to reinforce that perception by obsessive thinking. Let’s face it; […]

Laughter is surely one of our greatest gifts.  What good is a gift that we don’t use?  (The fruitcakes at Christmas don’t count.  Those are always best left uneaten.)   I understand that there are times when your problems and concerns are so overwhelming that it feels disrespectful to laugh, you just don’t want to […]

I often speak to companies on how to embrace change in the workplace. Many times the audience members have the same educational background, same job description, and the same or similar responsibilities. Everyone is experiencing the changes that are taking place. Yet I know for a fact that some will move forward with enthusiasm, positive […]

Choice! The key is choice. You have options. You need not spend your life wallowing in failure, ignorance, grief, poverty, shame, and self-pity. But hold on! If this is true, then why have so many among us apparently elected to live in that manner? The answer is obvious. Those who live in unhappy failure have […]

Please enjoy this short video on “Enjoyment In The Workplace.”     Steve Rizzo is the Attitude Adjuster.  You can’t attend one of his keynote speeches, seminars, or read his books and leave with the same attitude.  He’s a personal development expert, motivational business speaker, corporate-comedian and best-selling author. It’s no surprise that Steve is […]

  By Steve Rizzo When I made the decision to make happiness my No. 1 priority every day, I became aware of a whole new world of possibilities. Healthier choices instantly presented themselves. I learned how to make myself feel better when times were tough, simply by shifting my thoughts and focusing on something that […]