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Steve Rizzo is one of the top motivational speakers for hire that you’ll find, possessing immense insight and a solid stage presence. With his prior status as a national headline comedian, Steve is the perfect candidate as a speaker who brings something refreshing and captivating to the stage.

Hiring a motivational speaker can serve many purposes, depending on the kind of event you are hosting. If it’s a corporate event, then the inspiration and guidance Steve Rizzo has to offer can go a long way toward helping you improve employee productivity and, as a result, bolster your business. For other occasions, an inspirational speaker is a great way to promote the event, to garner positive attention and get people interested in attending.

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Whatever the scenario, a motivational speaker as entertaining as Steve Rizzo primes you and your organization for success. By implementing humor to engage individuals in the audience effectively, Rizzo touches on heavy topics without losing the lighthearted quality that makes him stand out, landing the key themes and messages you desire for your event.Don’t be fooled by the laughter, however. Although Steve likes to make people laugh, he still has a strong and lasting impact on his audiences.

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As social creatures, we love to engage with other people and indulge in humor. By capitalizing on that very human quality, that need for joy and jubilation, Steve helps people grasp strategies and ideologies that allow for personal and professional development and success.Steve works to provide each and every client with a specifically tailor-made keynote speech that is customized in order to suit the needs of the event and the audience in question. He has conducted a variety of motivational speeches regarding a number of relevant topics, including leadership development, customer service, team motivation, embracing change, sales, stress management, life balance and, naturally, humor in the workplace!


In order to ensure the maximum level of engagement with the audience, Steve partners with meeting planners who communicate and coordinate with clients in order to help fully grasp the agenda and focus of the job at hand.

For a keynote speech to be in alignment with the needs of the client, this is quite a necessary process. Everything from attending lunches and dinners to taking part in networking and speaker sessions is an essential part of determining what the client is looking for—no one can say that Steve isn’t dedicated to his craft.

It isn’t so often that you get an inspirational speaker for hire who is as passionate about the work they do as Steve is. His career switch from comedian to humorous motivational speaker was deliberate, and done with the intention to help people flourish and thrive!

So, if you’re looking to book a motivational speaker for your next event, you really don’t need to look any further than Steve Rizzo. Not only is he a bestselling author, he is also a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed on fewer than 240 speakers across the world since 1977 .
With Steve, rest assured that your specifications will be taken into account when crafting and tweaking the presentation. His material is fresh, the content is profound, and there will be many laughs along the way with Steve Rizzo.

Give us a call at (512) 986-2868 if you’re interested in hiring him as a motivational speaker for a business event, a conference or other occasions. He can even emcee the event for you!

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Don’t settle for anything less than Steve Rizzo’s approach. Because anything less… is just that. Contact us at (512) 986-2868 to book Steve now!