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“Nothing keeps people from staying motivated more than harboring negative emotions along the way.” – Rizzo-ism

Motivate THIS! for Sales & Service

The biggest challenge people in sales face today is staying optimistic and motivated to be at their best for more than just a few days.

“Nothing keeps salespeople from being productive and achieving their sales goals more than harboring negative feelings or having a bad attitude during the process.”Steve Rizzo

Studies have shown that our brain has a negative bias.

We tend to fixate on what isn’t working in life rather than focusing on the positive factors. Motivate THIS! is a guide to shifting your sales team’s thought process so they are programmed for success – regardless of their circumstances. It provides them with a foundation to stand on when the nuts and bolts fail and the ratio of “Nos” outweighs the “Yeses.”

Steve’s Common Sense Success Strategies will enable your sales team to transform their perspective so they can view challenges and setbacks through a more positive lens.


  • SHIFT their way of thinking to get the results they want.
  • Train themselves to feel good, be resilient and stay motivated throughout the day. Every day!
  • Develop skills that will eliminate the Curse of Negative Self-Talk.
  • Improve their focus and commitment to achieving their sales goals.
  • Enjoy the journey toward their goals.

Based on Steve’s best-selling book!

Motivate THIS! for Sales & Service is available as a keynote or half-day program and can be customized to your audience, event theme and target outcome.

Give your group the strategies they need to succeed in business and life—delivered in an entertaining, powerful and memorable way. Steve is the speaker to get your corporate or association event energized and MOTIVATED!

Steve Rizzo delivered what he promised when we hired him, i.e., to be the best keynote speaker we’ve ever had! I can honestly say that in the 18 years I have been organizing National Sales meetings, nobody has delivered quite like Steve did. The feedback we got from our 450 salespeople and sales managers indicated that I am not the only person that feels this way. I know our folks left ready to tackle their sales goals with a renewed energy and definitely a better attitude!

Tom Chelew – Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Enterprise Fleet Management

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