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Inspiration and Humor: A Remarkable Combination!

Steve Rizzo is a Hall of Fame Speaker and a former national headline comedian—he is an inspirational business speaker for hire, one who delivers a laughter-filled experience no audience is bound to forget anytime soon.

Yeah, he’s funny…but don’t let the laughter fool you. Using his penchant for humor as an important tool in the process, Rizzo makes use of his real-life experiences in order to help his audiences learn the tips, techniques and Common Sense Strategies needed to attain success in both personal and professional avenues.

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Hiring a motivational business speaker could just be the best decision you make for your company! A uniquely qualified, outside presence comes in and inspires your employees and management—a varied collection of individuals—to revamp the way that they think, the way they approach situations and to adopt a more proactive attitude. It is essentially one of the best things that can happen to any company. Who doesn’t want a workforce that’s more inspired than ever to be the best version of themselves?

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What You Think is What You Get
The Biggest Inspiration in My Life
A significant amount of motivational speaking has to do with encouraging individuals to get in touch with their personal and professional goals, to be more hands on in their approach toward achieving self-fulfillment. Often, these goals may coincide, or a positive impact in one area may have an effect on the other.


Either way, by catering to the intrinsic, spiritual and personal development needs of employees, employers can enhance productivity and employee satisfaction. This, in turn, enhances employee satisfaction and bolsters productivity in the workplace!


As a corporate motivational speaker, Rizzo aspires to help the individuals in the audience change the way they perceive their world. Challenges can be transformed into opportunities, and roadblocks in the path toward success can be important lessons learned along the way. He can be the guiding presence who helps people take a step back and view their situations more objectively—and a whole lot more optimistically.


With a corporate event speaker like Rizzo, you as an employer are making an investment in the long-term success of your employees and, as a result, your company. He can offer guidance and strategies on keeping in line with the latest advancements in whatever industry—all by making use of his Common Sense Strategies for Success.


Steve is also the bestselling author of a Get Your SHIFT Together and Motivate THIS!, serving as resourceful guides for personal development for individuals all across the globe. He continues to serve as the go-to guy on the topics of self-growth and self-development on a number of cable, network and radio media outlets.


With Steve Rizzo, audiences are privy to an inspirational program that is not only packed with excellent content, but also an abundance of humor and gut-busting laughter! This is one combination that’s not all that easy to come by, but, as Rizzo’s many satisfied clients will attest, he never fails to deliver.


Motivational speaking is Steve Rizzo’s passion—he used his love for making people laugh and transformed it into a way to engage people in the journey toward personal and professional success.


If you’re in search of a corporate motivational speaker who won’t disappoint, then you really can’t go wrong with Steve Rizzo! Get in touch with us at (512) 986-2868 to get more information about his availability and book him for your next corporate event!

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