Want To Get Out Of The Rut You’re In? Adjust Your Attitude!

Challenges and stress are an inevitable part of life. There’s no way you can escape them, even if they take a toll on your wellbeing. But dealing with too many disappointments and failures can de-motivate you.

Negative mindsets make it even harder to get out of a rut. What you need is an adjustment in your perception of the events happening around you.

Challenges and stress are a part of life. My point is that you can experience unease, sadness and pain at times and still be happy overall. Your overall happiness is determined by what you choose to focus on the most in the world from day to day. That’s the key.

Steve Rizzo - Want To Get Out Of The Rut You’re In? Adjust Your Attitude!


Hall of Fame motivational speaker Steve Rizzo sees challenges as a part of life that you cannot do without. To him, what you can change is how you deal with these hiccups.

Think positively

How you view things can make a big difference in how much they affect you. By looking at the funnier aspect of a situation, for instance, you can take the focus away from the negative feelings you otherwise associate with it.

A miracle is simply a shift in perception that can rearrange your life for the better. It’s a way of thinking that will reveal a higher “possible you” that can change how you view life, which in turn will change how life treats you.

Steve Rizzo has talked about this in countless speeches and has written two books—Motivate THIS! and Get Your SHIFT Togetherto discuss the life-altering impact of positivity and humor in dealing with challenges in your life. When you emit positivity into the world, you end up receiving it in return. This cycle is what makes a positive outlook so imperative.

Add humor to your life

When you’re able to see the funny side of things and are able to laugh off troubles that may have left you worried for days, you know you’ve experienced personal growth. The realization that negative events happen often and you must not let them bog you down will transform your life for the better.

A sense of humor and a positive attitude are inextricably linked. After all, it’s rare that you walk away from a deep, genuine laugh or even a smile and fail to feel more positive than you did before.

blog5 - Want To Get Out Of The Rut You’re In? Adjust Your Attitude!

Steve Rizzo is a firm believer in your ability to laugh, enjoy life and reach the heights of success you’ve always dreamed of. Speaking from personal experiences, he conveys life-altering secrets to success in a way that engages and inspires audiences. A former stand-up comedian, Rizzo ensures humor is a major part of his motivational speeches. After all, who wouldn’t feel better after listening to a funny speech that’s packed with inspirational anecdotes?

Book Steve Rizzo, the Attitude Adjuster, as the motivational keynote speaker at your next dinner or corporate event, where everyone can benefit from learning of the transforming power of adjusting their attitude. When you change how you perceive events in your life, you’ll be able to see the beauty and positivity in everything around you!

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