Attitude Adjustment

“When SHIFT happens, your life changes.” – Rizzo-ism

Get Your SHIFT Together

How to Think, Laugh and Enjoy Your Way to Success in Business and in Life

Who says you have to “get serious” to get everything you want out of life? According to Steve Rizzo, you simply need to shift your attitude to get the ball rolling, both at work and in your personal life. In his funny, poignant and moving motivational guide, Rizzo shares the life-changing secrets that helped him shift from a promising career as a stand-up comic to his incredible success as a public speaker.

Packed with humor, charm, and mind-altering insights—no, not that kind!—Rizzo’s unique approach will show you how to:

  • Find the humor in every situation
  • Turn negatives into positives—every single day
  • Make your workplace the best place to succeed
  • Stop being a full-time resident of the Negative Zone
  • Face your fears and get on with your life
  • Make happiness a choice—and have fun doing it!

Throughout the book, you’ll find specific Success Strategies that you can apply to every aspect of your professional and personal life. You’ll learn how to avoid the Eeyore Syndrome, tap into your Humor Being, turn self-doubt into self-confidence, and make everyday conversations more engaging and more productive. You’ll discover a tried-and-true method for shutting down that self-defeating Big Mouth inside your head—so you can listen to what’s inside your heart.

Along the way you’ll hear about Rizzo’s inspiring firsthand encounters with Eddie Murphy, Naomi Judd, Christopher Reeve, and many more. It’s all you need to get your shift together, and that’s no joke.

When the shift hits the fan, your new life begins—with love, with joy, and, of course, with laughter!

Rave Reviews for Get Your SHIFT Together

Get Your SHIFT Together is not just a book. It’s a gift you can give your family, your friends, your coworkers, your customers—and especially, yourself.

Jeffrey Gitomer, author of the Little Red Book of Selling and the Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude

Through shifting your focus and way of thinking, Steve Rizzo shows how to succeed on all levels of life, while actually enjoying the process. What could be better?! You will love the truth, the humor, and the wisdom this book contains.

Dr. Mehmet Oz

The stories in this book will make you think, laugh, and think again. It’s an indispensable tool for maximizing your personal and professional success and happiness.

Joe Vitale, bestselling author of The Attractor Factor

Engaging, hilarious, heartfelt, and authentic—just like Steve—this book is for anyone seeking more purpose and joy in business and in life. I couldn’t put it down.

Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman, bestselling author of Never Fly Solo

With humor, research, and personal insights, Steve Rizzo will help you enjoy the journey of life, both personally and professionally. And he will make you laugh—bonus!

Chester Elton, bestselling coauthor of The Carrot Principle and All In

Everyone is looking for a road map. Steve provides the driving instructions for those who are ready to shift into high gear on the highway of life.

Wayne B. Goldberg, President and CEO, La Quinta Inns and Suites

In a book overflowing with wit, passion, and serious truth, Steve helps you navigate that often elusive, yet vital shift in focus that allows you to reclaim the success, joy, and happiness for which your life was intended. Your eyes will be opened, and you will never be the same.

Joseph Fusco, Vice President, Casella Waste Systems, Inc.

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Get Your SHIFT Together

How to Think, Laugh and Enjoy Your Way to Success in Business and in Life

224-page book by Steve Rizzo

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