Feel Like You’ve Hit Rock Bottom? You Can Only Go Up From Here!

Do you constantly feel that your life is stuck in a constant loop? Like you keep going through the same motions every day to no avail? When you’re already frustrated with the direction your life is going in, it’s easy to perceive everything through that lens. You may be convinced that nothing ever goes right for you.

While your life comprises ebbs and flows, you could feel like you’re trapped in a rut of disappointments and failures. With such a mindset, it can get increasingly difficult to get out. Losing focus and motivation are inevitable outcomes of feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom. As Steve Rizzo puts it:

Always remember! WHAT YOU THINK IS WHAT YOU GET! Never underestimate the power of your thoughts! Never! When you discover how powerful your thoughts are, you will discover what wealthy, successful, influential and highly motivated people have known and applied throughout history

What you think is what you get - Feel Like You’ve Hit Rock Bottom? You Can Only Go Up From Here!

What you think is what you get

Your thoughts have the power to manifest circumstances in your life. If you’re riddled with negative thoughts about a certain situation, or if you think negatively about your own abilities, you’re bound to be disappointed.

One way you can escape rock bottom is by altering how you think about it. Adjusting your attitude to find the positive aspects in everything can make it easier to get through it. Humor is known to be an antidote to such destructive thoughts.

Humor is your natural defense mechanism. It’s a prescription from your higher self to cure the madness that attacks you from day to day. To deny yourself the right to occasionally step away from the chaos and find the laughter in the midst of troubling times is like denying yourself treatment that can cure an illness.

Whether you’re experiencing trouble in your professional or personal life, positivity is the key to attaining better results. When you’re demotivated, you become unproductive and lose the ability to see the bright side of any situation.

Steve Rizzo, Hall of Fame Speaker and former all-star comedian, experienced a similar rock bottom in the early stages of his life. In his speeches and books, he talks about how his approach to disappointments helped him rise out of his slump. Voted “Least Likely to Succeed” in his high school and being told by a guidance counselor that he did not possess the intellect for college, Rizzo was no stranger to crushing disappointment and negativity. In fact, he started to believe he wouldn’t amount to much in life.

Steve Rizzo was able to find the strength within to surprise everyone—even himself. Once a successful stand-up comedian and now a Hall of Fame speaker and author, his success story inspires audiences all across the globe.

If there’s anything you can learn from Rizzo’s story, it’s that challenges and problems affect everyone. It’s how you perceive and tackle them that matters. Steve Rizzo not only channeled his energy toward finding positivity in what whatever cards he was dealt, he now dedicates himself to doing the same for others.

Book this motivational keynote speaker for your next event and enjoy as he inspires, empowers and transforms the attitude and energy level of his audiences through humor and content-rich presentations. Contact Steve now about his range of speaking programs.

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