This Is Why Your Time Is Worth More Than Money

Some people keep a keen eye on their bank accounts to figure out how much they can spend, give away or invest. The one thing they may not give as much attention to is their time. Time is a far more precious resource and one that they waste without realizing.

Those who value their time more than their money are truly wealthy. It’s okay if you value external results like money and fame—just be sure to be fiercely protective of the other finite resource of yours: time.

Here is why time is the real treasure you should cherish, even more than money.

It’s Finite

Time is one resource you can’t make more of. You can use time to accumulate wealth, but no amount of money is enough to purchase the time you’ve wasted.

Even though you can re-earn all the money you’ve ever lost, you can’t do the same with time. You can’t give yourself an extra minute in the day, or even a millisecond. This is why time is worth more than money.

Time Creates Irreplaceable Memories

Reflect on the best memories you’ve created this year. How many were spent with your friends and family, and how many were based on money-related decisions you made?

We have the gift of happy memories so we can look back on them during troubling periods. While money might help, it won’t ever replace time. For example, it’s not often that we think, “The day I bought that new bag was amazing!”

Healthy Balance = Healthy Life

Some people feel like all they have is free time, but no money to enjoy themselves. Or, that they have tons of money but can’t find the right thing to spend it on. The solution is to find a balance between time and money. You don’t want too little or too much of either. Granted, it’s easier said than done, but learn how to find this balance and you’ll live your best life.

Good luck!

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