Top Employee Motivation Killers

Although it’s part of numerous resumes and is a common job requirement, the term “self-motivated” doesn’t mean much for most. People simply don’t come with this “built-in” feature.

In other words, it takes painstaking effort to keep your professional drive alive and maintain a consistent level of passion for your work.

With that said, some fail to realize that an employee’s internal drive is not the responsibility of the employer alone. What about the other side of the equation?

Direct supervisors and line managers too play their part in fostering a productive workplace.

Employee motivation is a popular buzzword in the corporate world. Sadly, there are many killers of this intangible human resource. Some are more subtle than others and easy for team managers to miss.

It’s important to keep in mind that in today’s climate, millennials form the largest generation in the U.S workforce. These young and enthusiastic employees aren’t afraid to change jobs within the 1-year mark.

This fact alone should be a wake-up call for leaders to tackle the following top employee motivation killers.

Unaddressed Conflicts

Even top performers are vulnerable to bouts of frustration when they’re forced to work in a toxic job environment. An abrupt drop in an employee’s performance and a sudden change in communication is signal that, for them, their workplace has become problematic.

Unaddressed conflict is an employee engagement killer. Don’t be afraid to call in face-to-face meetings with involved employees. Openly and strategically discuss what went wrong.

Sometimes, to take the fire out of a bad situation, good communication is enough. At other times, serious action may be needed to respond to an employee’s distress signal.

Lack of Sufficient Mentorship

A mentor is a long-term source of guidance for a professional. Not many organizations leverage the use of a talented mentor for employees. Such figures fulfill several different roles.

They effectively persuade employees to face work-related and personal problems, motivate them to give 100% at work and encourage them to consistently seek out advice should they need it. In a nutshell, they help employees re-invent themselves.

High achievers are robbed of the motivation to work even harder when their company does not invest in their professional growth. These individuals then naturally gravitate toward the competition.

Uninteresting Projects

Average employees are satisfied with collecting paychecks, but you don’t want mediocrity, do you?

Top talent always wants to be challenged. They want to be given chances to rise to those challenges and prove themselves. If your employee has outgrown their current role, reward their growth with fitting projects. After all, it is the job of the manager to match their employees’ workload to their ability.


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