The Best of Both Worlds: How to Inspire Your Workforce the Right Way

Have you noticed your employees’ work output diminishing gradually? Do you find them distracted and unproductive most of the time?

If so, your workforce may be feeling burnt out from having the same routine, day in and day out. Running through the motions every single day can be tiring, so it’s no wonder they’re finding it difficult to steer themselves in the direction of success.

If you’re looking to inspire your workforce to rejuvenate their sense of greater purpose while also keeping them entertained, you need to—literally—take a page out of Steve Rizzo’s book.  Serving as a motivational yet hilarious guide to changing your attitude to gain success in your personal and professional life, Get Your SHIFT Together is packed with strategies to help you make the best of both worlds.

Get Your SHIFT Together 1 - The Best of Both Worlds: How to Inspire Your Workforce the Right Way


Sometimes, my friend, a few moments of laughter is all you need to keep you from giving up.





Using humor as a tool

To break away from motivational drives that require your employees to sit for countless hours and listen to uninspiring ways to better their lives, adopt a new approach entirely.

As Steve often points out, humor can be used as a tool to keep your audience captivated. It’s impossible to reinvigorate your workforce if you’re adopting means that bore them.

Best of both worlds

This doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any substance in your motivational sessions. The ideal balance of humor and real-life experiences—as Steve has perfected—can inspire your workforce while keeping them engaged.

When you’ve got a funny motivational speaker who knows how to get their message across in a humorous way, you’ll find your workforce eager to hear what they have to say. Comfort is an important component of inspiring employees; if they don’t feel open to hearing what you have to say, you’ve lost them before you even begin.

Humor acts as a gateway to your workforce, allowing them to let their guard down and feel comfortable enough to absorb the message the speaker has been hired to convey.

Steve Rizzo has mastered this art, combining enthusiasm with real-life success stories to give your workforce a blueprint for success.

blog1 - The Best of Both Worlds: How to Inspire Your Workforce the Right Way

There is nothing like laughter that can instantly shift your mind into a good mood and help you to bounce back to enjoy the day.  

Steve Rizzo’s impeccable knowledge and life experiences are what make him the perfect “attitude adjuster” to boost your workforce’s motivation. Book him as the motivational keynote speaker for your next corporate event and watch your team leave with an unstoppable attitude to succeed.

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