Saying Goodbye to Stress – Some Tips

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” Sydney J. Harris

Everyone who has ever held a job—it doesn’t matter how much high-paying or demanding—has felt the pressure of work-related stress at some point.

work 2005640 960 720 - Saying Goodbye to Stress – Some TipsLow-paying teachers, expert heart surgeons, hot-shot bankers and finance analysts—everyone feels the pressure when the tough gets tougher.

It doesn’t matter if you love your job, you will face stressful situations and times at certain points. Common scenario at work these days: “Jane, could you handle this high priority project? It’s gotta be perfect; we simply can’t afford to butcher it…oh, and project’s deadline is tonight, so chop chop!”

Is Work Stressing You Out?

Job-related stress is a serious issue. How serious? A 2013 survey conducted by APA’s Center for Organizational Excellence found more than one-third of working Americans reported experiencing severe stress at or because of work.

Additionally, a mere 36% received help from their organizations to better manage their stress. Since it’s not professional to avoid what stresses you out on the job, take note of the following tips:

Spend 80% of Your Time focusing on an Issue’s Solution

Forego the common path of problem solving. Spending more of your time thinking of solutions to your next task or problem will change the situation more quickly. Get right to it! Dissect a work-related issue; take it apart piece by piece.

Now spend 20% of your time dwelling on a non-important problem. Have emails that need to be answered? Have to decide on a budget for the next office party? Think about low-priority tasks after getting free from the more important ones.

Take a Short Break

Working on something that’s mentally taxing? Work on it uninterrupted for some time. Focus on that task only; then take a 15-minute break away from your work station. Walk around. Grab a glass of water or some fresh juice.

Disconnect Over the Weekend

Do you often find yourself checking business emails during the weekend? It’s important to find a good balance between work and rest, especially during the weekend!

You get 2 days every week. Make the most of them. Pamper yourself for a few hours at the salon. Play golf. Cook a decent meal instead of ordering takeout for the fifth time this week!

Leave your work behind when you walk out the door. Have a phone for work? Only focus on urgent matters that cannot wait until Monday morning.

You will soon find out that making these small changes in your routine will bring a huge impact on your life! Want others in your workplace to benefit from Steve Rizzo’s motivational speeches and programs? Hire the motivational speaker today!

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