Living a Life Without Regrets

“I don’t have any regrets”

We can never really say that with complete certainty.

We all have regrets. We all face moments of uncertainty, especially when faced with two choices. Very often, we choose the safest fork in the road – because we are unsure about the results.

girl 1666678 960 720 - Living a Life Without RegretsThen again, we make life-changing decisions that change our entire outlook on life. We hurt people we love and care about; we don’t step up to challenges; say ‘yes’ to chances.

We live and breathe each day without really living life! These are the regrets that plague minds and hearts in the middle of the night when you can sleep. This is when you say to yourself, “I wish…”

Would You Choose the Red Pill? Would You Choose the Blue One – and Remain Unchanged?

If someone were to tell you the secret to life’s mysteries lies inside a magical red pill, would you take it? That everything you have done and achieved so far in life will be erased completely. Think of the new life you could build for yourself!

Many would jump at this wonderful opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to go back in time and change what happened – make different decisions and choices or take chances?

Learn to Let It All Go Away – A Life with No Regrets Is a Wonderful World

We love and try to live by the phrase “no regrets.” Have you ever said or done something that you deeply regret, even till now?

  • Not spending enough time with your parents, kids and spouse.
  • Missing events important to the closest people in your heart.
  • Not laughing enough. Not smiling. Not taking risks.
  • Taking a demanding job promotion.

Have you heard of the saying “Hindsight is 20/20?” As cliché as it sounds, it’s impossible to fully know outcome of your decisions until after you have taken them.

You don’t know if you are going to hate or love your new job. You don’t know you shouldn’t have eaten that tuna sandwich for lunch before getting sick. We base our decisions on the information and feelings we have at that moment only – so does it make any sense to mull over the consequences for years to come? To live every moment regretting what you did in your past?

Live in the Present Moment – Let the Past Stay Where It Belongs

“Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another island. There is no other land, only this life and the scarce moments you have been given” Henry David Thoreau

There is no other life but this, so launch yourself on every wave. Live in the present and find eternity in each moment. There would be no regrets if we really believed and followed this. But regrets crop up, worries resurface, shame and guilt claw their way back again. Remember: Making mistakes in your work or personal life is only being human.

Life is too short to worry about past mistakes and regrets. Instead, move on – after learning what you can. Take the good and shove the bad where it belongs – in the past. Do you think Steve Rizzo’s motivational speaking programs can benefit your employees? Contact this business keynote speaker today.

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