The Secrets to a Work-Life Balance

What is work-life balance? It may very well be the Loch Ness monster, aka Nessie, of the corporate world—a myth. Yet, how much truth is behind this ideal? How can you, the common worker bee, achieve a good work-life balance?

girl 2176513 960 720 - The Secrets to a Work-Life BalanceAre You Doing Justice to Your Work and Personal Life?

Most people know they need to change at least some priorities to achieve the elusive balance that is missing from their life. The question is, from where and what to change? Should you check off that half hour spent on the yoga mat after work? Should you decrease your lunch break at work to answer pending emails? Should you order takeout instead of taking your family out to dinner?

The simple fact is, work-life balance is completely different for each person. A single person won’t relate to the same definition as another person who has children and other family commitments.

In the end, it’s about prioritizing the important things and people in your life. One shoe size won’t fit all when it comes to attaining work-life balance. However there is one widely accepted notion:

Work-life balance means achieving at work and enjoying life

With that being said, there are some secrets to attaining this most coveted balance.

Concentrate on One Thing at a Time

How many of us believe multitasking helps with better management of time? Too many people fall in this trap, accumulating stress and average results in the process. Forget multitasking! Forget whatever you read about benefits of multitasking when it comes to time management! Focus on one thing only, one sole task. Devote your entire energy and attention to that task at hand.

Spending time with your family? Don’t entertain phone calls from work. Working on a grueling project? Remove all distractions and pour your entire focus into it!

Set Boundaries – Learn When to Say No

Twenty or even 10 years ago, people still relied less on technology compared to today’s workforce. Now we have cell phones and laptops used solely for work, which remain with us even after leaving the office. Technology has blurred the line between our work and personal life, something that needs to change.

Attending your daughter’s ballet recital? Switch off your phone. Tell your friends and family not to disturb you during the workday unless it’s an emergency. Also learn to say no. Don’t pile up more work or personal commitments than you can actually accomplish.

Over the years of working as a business motivational speaker, Steve Rizzo has seen people spending too much of their valuable time on things that don’t really matter. Look at the world! In the grander scheme of things, many of the things we do don’t matter. Discover what is most important in your life. Prioritize and make the most of work and life. Yes, it’s possible. Learn how to with Steve Rizzo, a Hall of Fame Speaker.

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