4 Reasons to Carry on No Matter What Curveball Comes Your Way

4 Reasons to Carry on No Matter What Curveball Comes Your Way - 4 Reasons to Carry on No Matter What Curveball Comes Your Way
Life is a journey that’s riddled with ups and downs, highs and lows, good days and bad. There are moments that leave you speechless, breathless and dazed; days when all you can do is think “why me?”
Some things that are within your control, others so far beyond your reach that it’s pointless even trying to navigate that sinking ship.
Unfortunately, life doesn’t really cut corners or give breaks. Just when you think you’ve had enough, there’s more coming your way.
Curveballs really live up to their name, don’t they? You never see them coming; they get in the way of your plans and knock the air out your lungs.

You Still Need to Carry on, Though

Life will always pull you down and it’s okay to wallow in despair and experience failure, heartbreak and disappointment. They’re almost essential to your growth as an individual, seeing how your experiences shape and define you.
However, at some point, it becomes your choice to make. Is this a burden you want to carry forever and use as a crutch?
How do you recover?

Live for Yourself

If nothing else, choose yourself. The biggest reason to carry on and persevere is yourself; motivation must be internal for it to be sustainable. Which is why if you don’t factor yourself in, you won’t get too far. Culture and society shame the idea of loving yourself, but in order to survive, you have to be a little selfish.
Live for Yourself - 4 Reasons to Carry on No Matter What Curveball Comes Your Way
Selfishness, when it’s malicious, of course, is never a good thing. However, selfishness as self-care –  protecting yourself, your space and your energy from other people – is incredibly important.

Think of People Who Love You and People You Love

Sometimes, when life feels meaningless, you lose sight of your own importance. In those moments, when you want to give up, remember that there are people who are invested in your growth and success. Your family, friends, romantic partners, followers, fans, strangers—whoever it is—have an investment in your success and happiness, too.
People Who Love You and People You Love - 4 Reasons to Carry on No Matter What Curveball Comes Your Way
It’s sometimes hard to accept love, but it’s important to, especially gracefully.

Seek Perspective and Look for the Silver Lining

There’s always a silver lining. Even in the densest, darkest clouds, you’ll find a sliver of silver. The more you fixate on the wrong and the negative, the more of that energy you attract.
As Steve Rizzo, the inspirational speaker, says:

“If you’re always thinking about how badly life is treating you, if you are always telling stories about how you can’t get a fair shake, you will always feel miserable. Ever hear the saying Misery loves company?’ Being miserable doesn’t exactly attract good things, does it? If you want to change your life for the better, start by consciously changing what you think…and what you say.”


Practice Gratitude and Positivity

Any setback, curveball or failure is a chance to learn the art of practicing gratitude and positivity. Staying positive is a choice, a state of mind that you transition into after conscious effort. Take any chance that comes your way to learn instead of letting it hold you back.
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