Ways to Achieve the ‘Flow’ Experience

Imagine going down an icy slope. You are skiing—your full attention focused on each movement your body makes. You are fully immersed in the entire experience of cruising down the slope, the wind whistling past your face, the snow-shrouded trees hurtling by, the careful way you are skiing.

winter hike 1796562 960 720 - Ways to Achieve the ‘Flow’ ExperienceYour mind is empty of all thoughts and contradictions. Or so it seems. Your mind is probably working twice as much—after all, it’s guiding your body’s movements! Your mind and body are in harmony. All your skills are being put to the test.

Will you come out as the winner?

‘Flow’ Experience – Anyone Can Achieve This Feeling, Anytime

Such fully absorbing and challenging experiences are called flow states by psychologists around the world. You probably experience this state of mind every day at work or doing something that is challenging yet interesting at the same time.

Psychologists believe that an all-consuming flow state can be experienced only under specific conditions: challenging situations that test our skills and capacities, yet we are just capable enough to overcome the challenge positively!

An Important Point to Ponder

There are some people who handle challenges beautifully well. They ‘flow’ through one strict demand to another without much mental strain.

Others find difficulty in overcoming the challenge. They become anxious and stressed. Why?

Simply because people experience the ‘flow state’ differently. All you have to do is find balance within yourself. Challenge and skill levels shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

You can always find new challenges if skiing doesn’t interest you. Enhance your skills. Needless to say, the flow state will illuminate itself in other ways. Reading a good book, signing up for a professional chef’s class, volunteering and helping people—finding new ways to make your life better than before.

How Can You Achieve This State? Do What You Enjoy – Enjoy What You Do

It’s easy to achieve this state of mind – our life’s purpose.

Find a Challenge That Thrills You

It can be anything as long as the task is challenging.

Ideally, choose something you actually enjoy. It can be playing the piano, working on your novel, playing golf, knitting, deep sea diving…the sky (or the ocean!) is the limit. Find something challenging enough? Now:

  • Work on your skills. Develop them to meet the challenge with ease and success.
  • Set clear goals. You won’t achieve this state if you don’t even know where to begin and stop!
  • Place all your attention, focus and energy into achieving your wanted result.
  • Have you set aside a feasible timeframe to achieve your goal?

One last thing: monitor your emotional state every step of the way. An exhausted body can be rejuvenated with rest. It takes a lot more to heal an overworked and emotional mind.

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