Health Is Wealth—Why You Can’t Ignore Your Body and Mind

You know the saying work until you can’t anymore, then work some more?
Well, you’re lucky. An important piece of advice on persistence and pushing on despite circumstances, this attitude to work can cause more harm than good in today’s incredibly competitive, power-driven world.

blog3 - Health Is Wealth—Why You Can’t Ignore Your Body and Mind
In a day and age where grit is taken as a show of strength, pride and equal to success—which is also an arbitrary term requiring intense introspection and redefinition—it’s almost admirable to neglect the self in the pursuit of professional excellence.

The Danger of Grit

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, this desire to do better, want more and achieve your goals, but it’s worth stopping and wondering to what extent and to what end you’re willing to do that. Are you willing to sacrifice everything else in your life for a professional title?
A better paycheck, a promotion, a new job or owning fancy cars and big mansions can be on your bucket list, but at the end of the day, when you’re too tired or unwell to enjoy it, what good is any of it?
blog33 - Health Is Wealth—Why You Can’t Ignore Your Body and Mind

Success Is Not a Destination!

What a lot of people don’t realize is that success is not a destination. It’s a journey. There are ups and downs on journeys, travel plans change and so do priorities and plans. Your goals and aspirations change immensely from when you’re 21 years old, starting out after college, to when you’re 45, have a family and are struggling to pay bills.
You can’t live your whole life sidelining things that are important and ignoring your health for an eventual something or somewhere that you want.
Pay attention to your body, your mind, your emotions.
blog333 - Health Is Wealth—Why You Can’t Ignore Your Body and Mind

Listen to Your Body

Listen to what your body is telling you when you’re barely able to walk some days. Don’t push it harder than it needs to be pushed just because you’re afraid of falling behind on a day’s work.
Incorporate more exercise, whether it’s yoga or a sweat session at the gym; eat well and don’t indulge in unhealthy comfort food as a coping mechanism for stress; move beyond the sedentary lifestyle of a 9–5 job.

Your Mental Health Is Important, Too!

Listen to your mind—when it’s overrun with thoughts and anxiety and worries about what’s going on, what is to come and what has happened. Notice when you’re unable to calm those thoughts and work on channeling your emotions in a healthy way.
Seek help, whether professional or personal, and don’t wait till you have a meltdown or spiral till you slow down. Mental and emotional health are as important as physical health, and the stressors in today’s environment can lead to physical manifestations of these.
3blog - Health Is Wealth—Why You Can’t Ignore Your Body and Mind
As Hall of Fame Speaker Steve Rizzo, the top wellness and professional motivational speaker, says:

Once you recognize that your thoughts are causing your emotions to snowball out of control, methodically shift your way of thinking and choose thoughts that will gradually make you feel better. If you can master this habit, you can master your life.”

Get in touch with Steve or his team if you’d like to hire him as a keynote speaker for your company’s next corporate event.

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