6 Ways to Keep Your Mind Active at Any Age

6 Ways to Keep Your Mind Active at Any Age - 6 Ways to Keep Your Mind Active at Any Age
The human mind is a powerful thing. It’s complex, mystifying and a source of constant curiosity for people. We use our minds every day of our lives—when we think, when we feel, when we emote. We use it when we speak, when we express and when we listen.

When we speak of mind, we don’t just mean the physical brain, which is an enigma, too. We’re somewhere between this dichotomy of brain and mind, the physical and the abstract, the temporal. The mind is powerful, having the ability to conjure up scenarios, solutions, places and even people you’ve never met, absorbing lives and stories of other people all the while preserving your own.
The thing about the mind, however, is that you have to keep it active.

What does it mean to have an active mind?

For some people, an active mind means a thinking mind. One that’s always questioning, wondering, curious and inquisitive. One whose cogs are turning and wheels are in motion and always hungry to learn more, grow more and absorb as much of the world around you as possible.
active mind - 6 Ways to Keep Your Mind Active at Any Age
For others, it’s a mind that’s creating—writing, art and music as well as solutions, spaces and happiness. It’s a mind that is churning out thoughts and ideas at all times.
For others still, an active mind is one that is able to compartmentalize, function and remain clear. A mind that isn’t muddled, overwhelmed, overstuffed with thoughts, intrusions and distractions. A mind that is in control of its possessor, benefiting them instead of hindering their life.
It really depends on your definition of what an active mind is! For wellness speaker Steve Rizzo, an active mind stays positive and looks at the humor in situations.

How do I keep my mind active?

No matter how old you are, an active mind is a blessing. Below are some activities you can do and habits you can adopt to keep your mind running, whether you’re 9 or 90:

1. Exercise Daily

Go out, take a walk, go for a run, practice yoga, swim, hop, jump, skip. No matter what you do, be sure to get some movement every day. It’s good for your body and your mind, especially at clearing it.

2. Eat Well

A healthy mind needs nutrition, so don’t skip out on your vitamins and other nutrients. At any age, you need a well-rounded, well-balanced diet. Eat well, live well!

3. Rest Enough

Rest and sufficient sleep are very important for a healthy mind. A tired mind is of little use, so you want to make sure you clock in enough sleep each night, take time out for yourself and recuperate.
Pick a Hobby and Play Games - 6 Ways to Keep Your Mind Active at Any Age

4. Pick a Hobby and Play Games

Pick a hobby you enjoy. Games are an excellent and fun way to keep learning, keep thinking and improving memory. A hobby makes you focus on certain things, improving your skills and your creativity.
No matter what you do, your mind is your greatest asset. Be sure to take care of it and engage in things that stimulate it. For more inspirational content, get in touch with Hall of Fame member and professional keynote and motivational speaker Steve Rizzo.

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