Stress can get to the best of us. It doesn’t matter if you hate your job, love it or you’re indifferent to it. It doesn’t matter if your stress is related to your academics or your home life. It’s a real, emotional experience that most of us know all too well. However, the problem with […]

Working is tough, no matter who you are or what you do. Every job comes with a range of stresses and worries, pressures and expectations, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We’ve all been there, we’ve all had those days when you’re tired and you have to drag yourself to work, or you’re denied a leave. Perhaps you […]

Life is a journey that’s riddled with ups and downs, highs and lows, good days and bad. There are moments that leave you speechless, breathless and dazed; days when all you can do is think “why me?” Some things that are within your control, others so far beyond your reach that it’s pointless even trying to […]

The human mind is a powerful thing. It’s complex, mystifying and a source of constant curiosity for people. We use our minds every day of our lives—when we think, when we feel, when we emote. We use it when we speak, when we express and when we listen.

You know the saying work until you can’t anymore, then work some more? No? Well, you’re lucky. An important piece of advice on persistence and pushing on despite circumstances, this attitude to work can cause more harm than good in today’s incredibly competitive, power-driven world.

Do you leave work every day feeling like you weren’t able to accomplish everything on your list? It’s not just you! People start every workday with a plan, but are often unable to complete their work on time. Being productive at work is difficult, especially on lazy Mondays or when the work is monotonous. Here are […]

How many times have you thought about doing something you like, only to cast the thought aside because you don’t have time? It could be as simple as going to a spa or something grand like a trip to Europe. Many of us fulfill all our obligations, but in doing so, disregard the things we […]

Performing well under pressure is tough, especially if it’s a situation that induces severe anxiety and stress. The truth is, nobody likes pressure, but the thing that differentiates successful people from those who fail is that they’re able to mitigate the negative effects of their environment while working under pressure.

You’re heading a major project, and it’s becoming increasingly hard to keep the team together. The work is about to fall apart, and you’ve begun doubting your abilities as a leader. What do you do? Self-doubt is the scariest part of leading a team. Leaders are expected to be self-assured, but what most people don’t know is […]