Years ago, in the middle of my comedy career, I was in New York City driving a rental car that kept breaking down. It was 98 degrees, the air conditioning didn’t work, and sweat was pouring from my body. To make matters worse, I was in the world’s biggest traffic jam and I was already […]

Enjoy my Rizz-O-Isms. They are Common Sense Success Strategies that will take you to a better place in Business and in Life.  In my view that’s the ultimate Success. -Your Humor Being is of your higher self.  It’s the part of you that brings out the best in you when times get tough.  What your […]

Some people say that the situations life naturally presents dictate what kind of life you will have.  Others maintain that it’s the way you react to these challenges that determine your satisfaction in life.  I, however, take a different approach from classic “nature versus nurture” debate.  It’s not the situation itself that determines your quality […]

One morning some time ago, I was on a flight from New York to Nashville.  Standing in the row adjacent to mine was an attractive woman wearing sunglasses.  She was talking to two distinguished looking men who (as I overheard from their conversation) were from MCA Records.  I didn’t know exactly what they were talking […]

I know a woman, a full-time resident of the Negative Zone, who saved for years to go on her dream vacation.  Once she got there, it rained constantly and her vacation was ruined.  Now, it’s important to understand that residing in the Negative Zone, means that no matter what good may come your way, you […]

One Saturday night in 1980, I was performing at the East Side Comedy Club on Long Island. I was fairly new in the comedy arena and this was my first weekend appearance at a premiere comedy club. To say that I was a bit nervous would be an understatement. Sharing the marquee with me was […]

Anyone can tell you that one key to living a happy, successful life is having a positive attitude, especially during adverse times. I know that sometimes there just isn’t justification for all the unfortunate things that happen to us—but I also know that we all have what it takes to deal with misfortune. That is […]

  Have you noticed that some people manage to sabotage their success and destroy their chances at happiness by complaining and blaming outside circumstances for their unfortunate plight? Then there are those who seem to have every obstacle imaginable thrown in front of them and they move ahead, refusing to give up.  They take these […]