Think Successful, Happy and Optimistic Thoughts

Some people say that the situations life naturally presents dictate what kind of life you will have.  Others maintain that it’s the way you react to these challenges that determine your satisfaction in life.  I, however, take a different approach from classic “nature versus nurture” debate.  It’s not the situation itself that determines your quality of life, or your physical and emotional reaction to it.  Rather, it’s the way you think about life’s hard times that will determine how much impact they have on you. 

You can think of your thoughts as a conscious stream of mental judgments, evaluations and even arguments.  What’s important to remember is that they are almost impossible to turn off.  Except perhaps, through meditation, and even then those pain-in-the-butt thoughts will do whatever they can to keep you from the peace and quiet you deserve. 

“Hello!  It’s too quiet in here!  I have things to say!   What about my needs?”

The point is that they’re always there, and they always have an effect on you.  Thoughts can also be appraised in a very simple way:  Whether they strengthen you, or weaken you. 

People who are successful consciously or unconsciously think successful thoughts.  Whether they are aware of it or not, their predominant thoughts are of optimism for health, wealth and abundance on a consistent basis.  They don’t allow negative thoughts of deficiency and failure to take root in their minds.  That doesn’t mean they don’t have negative thoughts.  We all do.  It simply means the majority are positive.  You can see evidence of this in the people you come in contact with every day.  Have you noticed that those who are always talking about their ailments are always ill?  Those who speak about prosperity are prosperous.  Those who talk about how wonderful life is are always happy, and people who constantly talk about their children, well, to be honest, are very annoying.  The point is that your thoughts cumulatively provide a general blueprint of directives for how you react to everything in your life. 

Whatever you habitually think about or focus on the most will appear in your life.  So whatever you do, stop focusing on what you don’t have or what’s not working in your life. That’s not going to end well for you. 

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