7 Powerful Ways To Motivate Yourself

Everyone has days where they feel like giving up. When life has pushed them to such limits that all they want to do is quit their work, isolate themselves from their social life and come home to burrow in their bed and not move…ever.

If you’re going through the same mix of emotions, it’s going to be okay. You’re not failing at life, you’re just uninspired. Your lack of enthusiasm is short-lived, and you can reignite your passion. You just need a push—or seven—to do so…

1.     Take on new challenges

Monotony fuels demotivation. If you’re going through the same personal and work life routine every other day, you’re obviously bound to lose your zeal.

Motivate yourself by attempting to do new, challenging things. Work on a fitness goal, learn a new skill, brave a new relationship, do something you’ve been nervous about.

2.     Treat yourself

Invest in something that makes you happy and one that adds to your growth. Have a big corporate meeting coming up? Get a new suit or dress, and you’ll walk in looking and feeling better. Is it payday? Get a brand new espresso machine or a piece of gym equipment to start your mornings feeling rejuvenated.

3.     Create success and failure logs

It may sound odd to jot down your fallouts, but remember, failure is a far more riveting teacher than success. At this point in life, you’re uninspired, and you’re likely wondering what it is that you’ve accomplished so far.

Your success will help you understand what you are capable of, and your failure will help you realize what you’ve overcome.

4.     Go on a vacation

Take a leave from work and plan a short getaway. Go solo or with friends or set out on a journey to do nothing but see new things and enjoy yourself. Not only may you build up creativity along the way, but you also might miss and appreciate the good things in your old routine.

5.     Meet up with a mentor

If you are struggling with finding your passion, seek out the help of someone you look up to, a teacher who inspired you to step out on your path all those years ago. Have lunch with them and spend an afternoon once again under their tutelage. They’ve likely gone through the same situation you’re in and will have advice for you.

6.     Connect with others like you

Sometimes, support and advice do not have to come from someone with more experience and skill than you.

Spending time getting closer to people who are going through the same dilemmas as you helps. Find support groups in your area or online and actively take part in group conversations. You’ll feel more inspired every time!

7.     Attend a motivational seminar

There’s nothing like a good long session of listening to a professional motivational speaker to find your energy to get back up and get going. Hearing someone tell stories and share experiences you can relate to is always effective.

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