Entrepreneurial Burnout Is Not Forever

So, a while back you started out on your entrepreneurial journey. For a while it was exciting, you were inspired and doing well…till you found yourself balancing too many responsibilities at once, got stressed out and eventually lost your passion.

It’s perfectly fine—a burnout is inevitable for most people at some point in their life, especially entrepreneurs, who begin, manage and run things themselves. The physical and emotional strain can rise to a point where you crash.

Know this: if you are crashing right now, it’s short-lived. You’ll be back on your feet soon. Just make sure your recovery phase is well-designed. Here a few tips to help you with that:

·         Check your drives

Money is a powerful motivator to get into entrepreneurship. Ask yourself: Are you doing this to get the cash flowing in, or do you actually want to showcase your skills and accumulate an audience that likes your work and encourages growth? If your burnout is constant, you might have started the wrong business.

·        Don’t rush into things

This is your recovery phase, which means there’s no need to get all fired up before your brain has had a chance to relax and revitalize.

Burnout happens due to a lack of balance between hard work and rest. Go back to working on that new design or draft…only after you’ve provided yourself with some peace and quiet.

·        Find your work style

Sometimes it’s not your work that’s tough, but your way of doing it. Maybe you were inspired by a mentor or an online how-to to adapt to a certain business model…only that style is making you tear your hair out. It’s okay to not follow the norms and do your work your way even if it seems crazy to others. As long as it excites and uplifts your passion, it’s absolutely okay!

·         Commit to tiny steps

Do you find lengthy schedules and to-do lists demotivating? It’s all well and good to have direction, but those time limits can take away your freedom. It may sound ineffective, but try it; stop timing yourself.

Stop focusing on doing this thing in 5 hours and that thing by the end of the week—and go with the flow. You might find yourself working more productively.

·         Surround yourself with supporters

Finally, remember that every type of healing requires some kind of support. Entrepreneurs in particular need to surround themselves with supporters, advisors and cheerleaders. Just as you share your successes with others, share your problems, too. By talking to others and letting them provide you with literal or emotional support, you speed up your recovery after burnout.

As a professional motivational speaker, Steve Rizzo has an impressive knack for uplifting his audience’s mood. He has a talent for storytelling and resonating with the feelings of tired and demotivated business professionals in different lines of work. Check out his keynotes here.

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