Why Hitting Rock-Bottom Is Essential For Success

Hitting rock bottom is terribly frightening but as numerous stories indicate, hitting rock-bottom can also be the point where personal success begins.

Success and Hitting Rock-Bottom: How the Two Connect

Hitting rock bottom like any form of adversity teaches us lessons. It teaches us numerous things which contribute to success later on both directly and indirectly. It equips us with a lot of things needed to become successful. Here’s a little on what and how!

Hitting Rock-Bottom Makes Us Hungry

We’re talking about a hunger to thrive, a hunger to grow and a hunger to succeed. Being stuck in the place we call rock-bottom isn’t easy. Anyone who has been through it will know how suffocating being like that is.

People who hit rock-bottom develop a strong hunger to do better, establish themselves professionally and enjoy stability and success. It is this hunger that can drive you to achieve whatever you need to and see things through when you desire.

If you’re never really hungry, you’ll never know the hunger!

Hitting Rock-Bottom Makes Us Resilient and Patient

Hitting Rock Bottom Makes Us Resilient and Patient - Why Hitting Rock-Bottom Is Essential For Success

Resilience and patience are important. When we hit rock bottom, things can go two ways. We can give up, roll over and fade away. Alternatively, we can keep trying. It doesn’t matter if things go wrong over and over.

Hitting rock-bottom teaches some of us to get up and get up again until the task we’re trying to do is done. It teaches us to hold on, to wait things out and to keep pushing ourselves to do better.

In a sense, hitting rock bottom can equip you with the resilience and patience to be truly successful in life—that’s not something they teach you in college!

Hitting Rock-Bottom Makes the Future Easier

When you hit rock bottom, you lose a lot. You may lose a job or even your career. You may lose friends and family. You may even lose your sense of self. It’s pretty terrifying really! The silver lining? If you can overcome and thrive, despite such adversity, other things in your life start to become a lot simpler.

This is because you have already learned how to do things with minimal personal and external resources and have come through. Chances are, when you’ve got what you need, attaining success will be a lot simpler than you could have imagined! 

Our resident keynote and professional motivational speaker Steve Rizzo is someone who made it out of a hard time and made it big. If you’re in the US, you can connect with him or attend one of his talks to learn more about how to beat rock-bottom and achieve the success you’re capable of!

Always remember; once you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way forward is up! If you’re experiencing a particularly low period in life personally or professionally don’t worry, there’s always a way out and something to gain from it.

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