Reasons People Give Up and Burn Out, and What to Do About It

You start the day with great enthusiasm. Today, you’re going to get things done and you won’t stay behind at work.

All your colleagues have mastered the art of time management but it’s only you who’s stuck in a rut. You can never seem to finish your work on time. You can never seem to organize your thoughts.

You do as much as you can and once you get home, you’re too exhausted to do anything else. By the time you wake up for work, you realize you’ve overslept and are running late again.

You do your best to motivate yourself every day but by the end of the day, you’re mentally exhausted, ready to quit.

That’s because you’re starting to burn out.

Why Do People Burn Out?

This is a million-dollar question everyone wants an answer to. Why do people burn out and will sleeping it off help? Here’s all you need to know:

You’re Stuck in a Routine:

Your first day at work was great. You were motivated to do your best. You set goals and targets for the year and you slowly and gradually achieved them.

However, as time passed by, doing the same thing and working on the same projects became too much too handle. You stopped paying attention and no longer cared about leaving an impeccable impression on clients and your manager.

Coming into work felt like a chore and it still does. You sigh at the thought of working an eight-hour shift every day.

The solution: ask your manager for diverse projects and openly communicate with them what you want to do. Tell them that you no longer feel interested in working for the same people and need a breath of fresh air to deliver the best that you can.

You Feel Unappreciated:

When you first started out, your manager had nothing but praise for you. They would give you feedback that would motivate you to try harder.

You no longer receive feedback. Instead, you get criticized when you mess up.

The solution: Talk to them openly. Ask for better feedback and let your manager know that you appreciate the constructive criticism but you’d also like to know when they like your work.

You’re Not Getting Enough Rest

You’re too stressed out to sleep at night. You feel responsible for everything so when there’s a project which isn’t due until next month, you start working on it immediately.

You want to leave a good impression so you take on more load which takes up most of your time. You end up not being able to complete the projects.

The solution: Take on only as much as you can do. Be realistic when you set your targets. Communicate with your manager and let them know your limit instead of overpromising and under-delivering.You’re Stuck in a Routine - Reasons People Give Up and Burn Out, and What to Do About It

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