The Road To Mental Resilience

You can’t fake mental resilience; it’s not something that can happen overnight. 

You can, however, take the right steps to acquire that skillset. Yes, that’s right. Mental toughness is a skill. It’s not something everyone has, but it is something everyone wishes to have.

That doesn’t mean you can’t become mentally strong. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Find a Way, Not An Excuse

It’s easy to make up an excuse every time we fail.

“I didn’t have the time.”

“It’s too late to go back now.”

“I’ll just do it later.”

If these excuses are all too familiar to you, it’s time to take a step back and stop. Every time you come up with an excuse, think about how that’s helping you.

Is it going to make the problem go away? Will it help you find the solution? You’re going to have to deal with the problem later anyway.

Why not do it now?

It’s easy to make excuses, but there’s no reason to make one. The time wasted can be spent finding the solution. Whenever you find yourself falling back into old habits, just ask yourself, “Is this really helping to solve the problem?”

Think About The “Why”

Why should you look for solutions? Why did you ask for this project? Why does this client matter? When you think about the “why,” you automatically figure out the “how.”

The answer lies within the problem. You just need to figure it out.

Control Your Reactions

You can’t control your emotions or situations, but you can control how you react. If a client or colleague says something that crosses the line, let them know tactfully.

Don’t get personal. Don’t reply to emails when you’re upset. Calm down. When you feel overwhelmed, ask yourself, Is it really the situation, or is it my response to it?

Celebrate Failure

The only reason failure has a negative connotation is because that’s how we perceive our mistakes.

However, there’s a positive side to failing. You learn new things. You grow and widen your horizons. You get to experience something new and learn to be patient with yourself.

Failure means you’ve tried. Ninety-nine percent of people dream big, but they never do anything beyond that. They don’t take risks, they don’t initiative. They don’t fail…

So if you’ve failed, at least you’ve failed trying.

These are just a few things to keep in mind. Remember that mental resilience can’t be achieved overnight. You need to work on yourself every day, bit by bit.

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