The Foundation To A Healthy Attitude

By now I’m sure you’ve heard or read the saying “Attitude Is Everything.” Or, perhaps you’ve read or heard the phrase, “It’s All About Attitude.” If you haven’t, well, you just did. My job is to show people how to acquire the attitude they need to succeed on all levels of life. Not just at work or at home, on all levels of life. What I’m talking about here is your overall attitude. In other words the attitude you have about life in general, the way you interact with people, how you respond to adversity and the unexpected, will ultimately determine the choices you make and the actions you take at work and at home.
The key, in fact the foundation to create a healthy attitude is to make a conscious choice everyday to enjoy yourself during the process of whatever you’re trying to achieve. No matter what your goals are, no matter what your dreams may be, it is crucial that you set out to achieve them on a foundation of enjoyment. Unfortunately, this is something that most people leave by the wayside. Yes, by most people I probably mean you dear reader. Especially when you’re setting out to fulfill your goals and dreams and things aren’t going as planned. That’s when the stress level can get a little too intense and before you know it, self doubt, fear, overwhelm, and anger can become dangerous mindsets. Without you ever realizing it, enjoying yourself becomes secondary and that’s when it has to become primary. Studies have shown that people who make conscious choices to enjoy themselves during the process of whatever they are trying to achieve, are more creative, more productive and are able to bounce back faster from challenges.
Now, you’re probably wondering how to make a conscious choice to enjoy the day. Well, it starts as soon as you wake up in the morning, or whenever you wake up to start your day. Now pay attention, here’s the secret. As soon as you open your eyes, you enter into consciousness. At that very moment you have an opportunity to steer your thoughts and your emotions, to work for you, not against you. In other words, you can seize the day, or you can allow the day seize you. I think you’ll agree that most people immediately steer their thoughts on the chaos and stress from the day before or the grueling day that lies ahead. Of course these same people can’t understand why their energy level is low throughout the day.
What I want you to do is to focus your attention on something or someone you are grateful for. And I don’t care what it is. (Remember, this process must start as soon as you open your eyes and before you get out of bed.) It could be a particular goal you achieved. Maybe it’s the person lying next to you. You might want to focus your attention on your children, friends or a pet. You see it really doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as it lifts your spirit and makes you feel good. Your only goal here is to make yourself feel good.
Gratitude, my friend is one of the most powerful connections you have to your higher-self. You always want to start your day connected to your higher-self. The reasons are obvious. When you choose to focus your attention to that which empowers you, you are creating an attitude of gratitude. It’s important to understand that your life moves in the direction of your most dominant thoughts, what you focus on day-in and day-out, and those very things that you are thinking about and focusing on are moving closer to you. In other words dear reader; the more you concentrate on your lack, the more of that you will get back. The more you focus on what’s not working, the more your life won’t work! Think about that for awhile.
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