Part 1: Why You Are Here

This is for anyone who is currently going through tough times. This is for anyone who is always having difficulty dealing with adversity at work or in life. And this is for anyone who can’t escape from the confines of feeling victimized.

Adversity is necessary in order for you to grow. This is something optimistic and positive people know about life. I want you to understand the following. Are you ready? You are here on Earth to experience, learn, grow and become the person you were meant to become. It can’t be stressed enough that the filter through which you view all of your life’s experiences will ultimately determine who you become. In other words my friend, how you choose to experience what happens to you, is it what you consider to be good or what you consider to be bad, will determine what you learn. What you learn determines how you grow and this continued growth is what shapes who and what you become. If you can comprehend this, it will help free you from feeling victimized when times are tough and just maybe help you to compare a challenging situation with a pop quiz in Life: 101, rather than, say the APOCALYPSE!!!
Stay tuned for Part 2.

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