The Art of Meditation

young woman meditating with closed eyes - The Art of MeditationMeditation is simply a form of reflection, introspection and examination. It brings clarity, encourages innovative ideas, seeing new things and find inspiration in life itself.

On the other hand, meditation is an inner energy that is something of an amalgam of enthusiasm and perception that drives people to accomplish their goals.

Key to Employee Motivation

It’s perfectly natural to hit a slump in productivity. But when employees are unable to get over their trouble periods, it’s time for managers to step up to create an environment that helps their coworkers and team members recover from the depression and find the motivation to perform at their finest.

Encourage them to indulge in meditation. A few minutes a day are more than enough. Create a quiet space, within the office premises where employees can go for a simple time out to collect their thoughts.

Here are a few ways meditation pumps up the workforce and increases productivity:

·         Focused Minds & Renewed Enthusiasm

Practicing meditation is like hitting the restart button on the mind. It refreshes the thought processes and disciplines the mind into feeling charged and ready to go. With regular practice, medication can help reach the latent stores of energy, providing a new lease on enthusiasm and liveliness.

·         Reformed & Positive Thinking

The mind can be the biggest prison. Sometimes, it’s only the negative thinking, disenchantment and cynicism holding people back.

Meditating can help them reconnect with their happier selves and find the contentment and satisfaction needed to survive. Meditation helps break up negative thought patterns and get out of the rut of same old negative thoughts, words and deeds.

·         Reduced Anxiety & Depression

Regular mediation has the power to completely destroy the dysfunctional thought patterns and forever transform thinking. This alone can lead to motivation and the drive to do something spectacular with one’s life, along with garnering the belief that it can be done.

The last Word

Meditation helps people create the mental space to give a chance to new opportunities, it helps create motivation and maintain it too. Although it is widely considered a spiritual practice, the effects of meditation on business decisions are very well documented.

As one of the best motivational speakers, Steve Rizzo always has a great story to tell. He offers an interesting real work example of how meditation helped him find the solution to particularly complicated problem. The Hall of Fame Speaker recently published this blog post to talk more about Meditation and the Motivation Factor.

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