Speak Words That Empower You | A Common Sense Attitude Adjustment Strategy

Humorous motivational speaker Steve Rizzo  - Speak Words That Empower You | A Common Sense Attitude Adjustment StrategyAs an Attitude Adjuster by profession, I am often asked, “What is the most valuable lesson you learned about success and happiness?”  Without hesitation, my response is always, “Never use your words to describe a challenging situation. Rather, use your words to change your perspective on a challenging situation.”

We need to be especially careful about the words we speak out loud when things aren’t going the way we want. Yes, it’s true that what you think is what you get, but what you say out loud in the midst of troubling times has even a greater impact.  Although it may be possible to convince yourself that you’re trying to stay positive when the situation calls for some good old fashion angst, but what you say out loud during those times could very well make the difference in how long you remain in that situation and how deeply you are affected.

The words you speak amplify your feelings and trigger mental images; which in turn will lead to the actions that you take.  And the actions that you take will lead to the outcome. In other words my friend; if what you think is what you get, then what you say is what you ask for.

If you’re always thinking about how badly life is treating you, and telling whoever will stand still long enough to regret doing so about how you can’t get a fair shake, you will always feel miserable. Ever hear anyone say, “Misery loves company?” Being miserable doesn’t exactly attract good things to you. Get it? If you want to change your life for the better, start by consciously changing what you think…and what you say.

Awareness is the first step in stifling this voice and turning a compulsively negative mindset around. Once you recognize the dismal reality these thoughts and words are creating for yourself, you can step back, observe the direction you are going in, and take action against them. You do this by counterattacking with empowering thoughts and words that will instill hope, faith, confidence, courage and determination.

Whatever it is that is bringing you down, acknowledge the fear it represents and immediately go on the offensive and bombard those fears with emotionally charged words. And if you’re worried about someone catching you talking to yourself and thinking you’re crazy, just hop in your car or take a walk and give that voice in your head a piece of you mind!

“Hey, I know you’re there and I know what you’re trying to do. But it won’t work!  Because I’m in control here!  I get to choose what thoughts flow through my mind!  I get to choose the words that are coming out of my mouth!  But most of all, I have a force (God, or whatever you choose to believe) that is bigger than anything you can throw at me!  So go ahead!  Hit me with your best shot!  One thing is certain: I will prevail!

Whether coming from a positive or negative place, your words inevitably affect your attitude, and thus your situation.  Always Remember, the moment you open your mouth to say something you start the process of creation in motion. The choice is yours my friend.

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