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The first time I can recall my sense of humor having a dramatic effect on my life was when I was in the third grade.  I was performing in the play “Alice in Wonderland.”  No, I wasn’t Alice.  I was Humpty Dumpty. You know, the egghead who was damaged irreparably when he found out he […]

Last week I sent you an article entitled “Speak Words That Empower You”  Now I invite you to sit back and enjoy my message in action. Remember, whether coming from a positive or negative place, your words inevitably affect your attitude, and thus your situation. The moment you open your mouth to say something, you […]

As an Attitude Adjuster by profession, I am often asked, “What is the most valuable lesson you learned about success and happiness?”  Without hesitation, my response is always, “Never use your words to describe a challenging situation. Rather, use your words to change your perspective on a challenging situation.” We need to be especially careful […]