Something for You to Ponder by Steve Rizzo

Here’s something for you to ponder in that wonderful brain of yours. Once you realize that your daily reality is a mirror of the thoughts you have and the actions you take, then change in any area of your life is possible and, what’s more, well within your control. By shifting your focus, thoughts, words and beliefs, you can change what’s happening around you and change your world.

Remember, the only losers in the game of life are those who, for whatever reason, fail to use their challenges as a springboard for growth. This is where the power of Shifting can help you tremendously.
So are you ready to get your shift together? If not, than you better shift and get off the pot, because when shift happens, your life changes.
At this point you’ve probably had enough of my shift.
I guess you can say I’m full of shift.
I apologize; sometimes I’m just a real shift-head.
Oh shift, I did it again!
Seriously folks: May the Shift be with you!!!

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