1. The most fun I ever had was one time my wife and I, her sister and her husband were at Sundance Square in Ft. Worth. It was kind of a dull evening and we sat on a bench at the corner. I got in one of my moods when someone tried to park in front of the fireplug. I told them if they would give me Five bucks and their keys i would keep their car safe. People would almost do it. This went on for hours, we had folks standing around almost rolling on the sidewalk. I even had three bikers starting to open there billfolds. Then one said is this like Canidad Carmara or something. I couldn’t let it pass, I said yes, look up at the window across the street and wave and smile. They did, we walked away and left them there. The whole place was in a uproar. I have never had so much fun for free. And my brother-in-law, who never laughs had tears rolling down his face. Fun is where you make it!

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