Rizz-O-Isms: Common Sense Success Strategies [Part 2]


I hope you enjoy my RIZZ-O-ISMS. These are Common Sense Success Strategies that will not only take you to a better place in Business, but in Life. In my View, that’s the ultimate Success.


1)  When you fully appreciate that the mood you’re in right this second affects how you’ll deal with what’s coming next, you will want to make the choices that will help you to feel better not worse.  That my friend is a major key to living a successful, happy life.

2)  People who consistently enjoy the process, not only reap the benefits of achieving their goal, but they have a fond appreciation of how they earned it.  In my view that is the ultimate success.

3)  It’s curious to me that we have laws in place to make sure no one infringes upon our right to happiness, yet we are so often a willing impediment to our own enjoyment of life.  The U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to “the pursuit of happiness.” Maybe it should read “life, liberty and the happiness of the pursuit.”

4)  It really doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how famous you are, or how many goals you’ve achieved.  It makes no difference how big your house is or what industry accolades you’ve racked up in your career. The entire world can view your life as the ultimate success story, but the bottom line is this: If you are not happy, you are not successful!

5)  We forget what a simple favor we’re doing ourselves when we occasionally step out of the grinding daily monotony and appreciate the simple aspects of our lives.

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