Part 1: Rizz-O-Isms

p493988 m - Part 1: Rizz-O-IsmsI hope you enjoy my Rizz-O-Isms. They are Common Sense Success Strategies that will not only take you to a better place in business but in life.

If you get your words and attitude going in the right direction you will notice a shift in the way your day and your life is going.

Visualizing how you want your day to go instills faith, along with increased desire and intention that will power you through the day.

Circumstances are merely events that happen in your life.  It’s what you do or how you choose to respond that determines how your story is written.

Many gifted and talented people don’t achieve their goals or fulfill their potential because they keep hearing and replaying the same recording over and over again.

             “This just isn’t going to work!”

             “I just don’t have the money and never will!”

             “I’m not lucky!”

             “I can’t believe how stupid I am!”

             “This happens every time I try to improve myself!”

The spell has been cast and the culprit is….You guessed it.  Self-curse-talk. Not only can this culprit ruin a promising day, it can also destroy an entire lifetime of promise.

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