May the SHIFT Be With You

blog1 - May the SHIFT Be With YouSome people say I’m a funny motivational speaker. Some say I’m a comedian, or a humorist with a great message.  When people ask me what I do for a living, I say, “I’m an Attitude Adjuster. I show people how to start each day with an unstoppable attitude to succeed, regardless of their circumstances.”

I’m a great observer of people and life. In my transformation from comedian to Attitude Adjuster I have noticed that far too many people in all walks of life relinquish control of their lives and accept their circumstances for what they might seem to be.  They don’t know they have a choice, the tools, the power, or the know-how to confront their fears and challenges head on.  Practicing the attitude shifting strategies outlined in my book and new program “Get Your SHIFT Together!” will enable you to build healthy mental habits that will help break down walls of negativity and give you a brighter perspective on all aspects of life.  This shift in attitude and belief will transform the labels holding you back, to ones that will propel you forward with confidence.

If you’ve had enough struggles, if your life is lacking in some meaningful way, Please, for your sake, “Get Your SHIFT Together!”  It is my wish that the insights I deliver will help you to build bridges to a better future.  I am confident that the stories and methods I offer will stimulate the spark of hope and creativity that will allow you to implement the simple, internal solutions to turn your life around.
Your life isn’t predestined for greatness.  Nor is it predestined for failure.  It’s up to you to create a belief system that allows you to see your life from a position of advantage rather disadvantage, from a position of a field general surveying the overall battle plan, rather than living and dying with every small infantry misstep.  Only you can choose to shift your focus during adverse times.  Only you can choose to shift your thoughts and words to turn challenges into opportunities. Believe me when I say that talent and ability are not the only factors that determine a successful and happy life.

For your sake, especially during tough times, get into the habit of choosing positive thoughts and speaking empowering words.  Focus on hope, gratitude and seeing the good during adverse times, and you will discover a brighter day, regardless of what is happening to you.

You can choose a better way to live.  Once you realize that your daily reality is a mirror of the thoughts you have and the actions you take, then change in any area of your life is possible and, what’s more, well within your control.  By shifting your focus, thoughts, words and beliefs, you can change what’s happening around you and change your world.

Remember, the only losers in the game of life are those who, for whatever reason, fail to use their challenges as a springboard for growth.

So are you ready to get your shift together?  If not, than you better shift and get off the pot, because when shift happens, your life changes.  At this point you’ve probably had enough of my shift.  I guess you can say I’m full of shift.  I apologize; sometimes I’m just a real shift-head.  Oh shift, I did it again!

Seriously folks:  May the shift be with you.

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