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Hello fellow RIZZ-O-GRAMERS!  Please enjoy this wonderful video that was created by “Live Today With Passion”  The first 5 minutes is my message and the remaining 15 minutes is my Humor. This YouTube Video already has over 50,000 views in just 4 days. I don’t know the people who created this, but I love what […]

Please enjoy my latest column for Success Magazine: I sometimes tend to think of life as a battlefield—albeit, a metaphorical one, very different from the horrors of war. Can anyone deny that bloodless battles rage around us every day, often fought against familiar enemies that loom from the past? The cause of these everyday battle […]

I know a woman, a full-time resident of the negative zone, who saved for years to go on her dream vacation. Once she finally got there, it rained constantly—and her vacation was ruined. Now, it’s important to understand that residing in the negative zone means that no matter what good may come your way, you […]

Some people say I’m a funny motivational speaker. Some say I’m a comedian, or a humorist with a great message.  When people ask me what I do for a living, I say, “I’m an Attitude Adjuster. I show people how to start each day with an unstoppable attitude to succeed, regardless of their circumstances.” I’m […]

Back in my stand-up comedy days, I’ve known many comics who put their happiness on hold.  They had difficulty enjoying the process because they believed they wouldn’t be happy until they signed with HBO, got their own sitcom, or movie deal, or whatever it was they thought would make them happy.  I know, because I […]

It seems like whenever I’m in a hurry to get somewhere, anything can happen, and it usually does.  I can’t tell you how often I notice a stain on my shirt or a broken shoelace.  Sometimes I can’t find my car keys or I notice the gas tank is near empty. Boy, does life seem […]

Did you know that laughter is essential for a healthy and productive workplace?  If you didn’t, you do now.  Whether you are in sales, in service, or in any other business using humor in your process will not only reduce stress, but improve morale, increase efficiency, and help you create lifelong relationships for success.  Humor […]

Did you know that I was voted “Least Likely to Succeed” in my senior class in high school? Read my latest interview with Stephanie Chandler of the Business Info Guide and grab Attitude Adjustment Strategies. Here’s the link Green6789

Find out what “edutainment” is all about in a feature blog post called ‘Steve Rizzo: Laughing and Learning’ by BJ Gallagher in the Huffington Post. Read it here