Encouraging Someone Else To Do Their Best Won’t Hurt You

Words of encouragement, hope and joy that you speak out loud are like seeds that will always bear fruit that’s nourishing to the soul. Words that signify lack, chaos and hopelessness will always bear fruit that will no doubt give your soul, well, at the very least, indigestion.”

 – Steve Rizzo

We live in a world that’s incredibly competitive and unforgiving. Competition is cut-throat, and it’s a rat race all around. Some of us are made for that rush of adrenaline. We thrive under immense pressure. It’s the whole charcoal turning to diamond spiel.

If only it were that simple, though. Not everyone is cut from the same cloth, and some people require more support than others.

We’ve become so detached from others, we barely see them as people and as anything more than the labor they can offer us, the threat or competition they pose and their irrelevance to our personal successes and failures.

It’s can be a lonely world, and everyone seems to be looking out for and thinking only about themselves. We forget the importance of having a shoulder to lean on. We’ve all had someone pick us up when we were down, and we forget that. It’s time we begin to give back to people.

What can I do?

Well, whether you’re an employer or colleague, friend or acquaintance, there’s a lot in your individual capacity that you can offer.What can I do - Encouraging Someone Else To Do Their Best Won’t Hurt You

Don’t be afraid of helping someone just because you feel threatened by the potential they have. Employers who push their employees to grow and take ownership make the best bosses. Their loyalty to your business will follow when they see you’re invested in their wellbeing. Don’t hold back on praise for the sake of it; if they deserve it, let them know. Even if they mess up, don’t tear them down.

Do things that show your staff you care about their progress, success and welfare.

How can I be there for someone?

There are plenty of ways to exercise compassion and empathy and show others you’re there.

  • Listen. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. Hear them out, and really listen to them. They don’t need your advice or favors, just a listening ear.
  • Be empathetic. We’ve all had bad days and lows; don’t forget your own struggles when you’re dealing with someone else. Walk a mile in their shoes, or imagine doing it anyway.
  • Offer your time. That’s all any of us really need—not money, not presents, just some time and attention. It can be difficult to make that time, but that’s what shows how invested you are.Uplift them - Encouraging Someone Else To Do Their Best Won’t Hurt You
  • Uplift them.Especially if you’re in a position of authority, give them the praise they deserve and then some. The world is only a kinder place when you encourage others around you.

Somebody else’s success is not the absence of your own. You can grow as people and as communities, and sometimes that’s what’s essential to the growth of your business as well. For more inspirational advice and knowledge gathered from years of working as a corporate motivational speaker, contact Steve Rizzo!

Steve is a motivational speaker for the corporate world and a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame. He conducts motivational keynote presentations to help businesspeople and salespeople reach their goals. He uses his leadership skills, wit and expertise to inspire and motivate audiences all over the world to become better versions of themselves.

Get one of his bestselling books for a dose of inspiration and motivation!

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