Common Sense Success Strategies That Aren’t Too Common

Sometimes, the answer to our most challenging problem actually turns out to be the simplest. Hidden in plain sight, we simply ignore it because we erroneously associate wisdom with complexity.

Unfortunately, common sense, as it turns out, isn’t too common. This is because we tend to make a great number of our decisions in a state of doubt, fear, insecurity and stress, which inevitably clouds our judgment.

When you intend to do something in a state of negativity, it is likely to bear negative results. Instead of setting yourself up for failure, induce a positive chain reaction by incorporating these common sense success strategies into all your 2018 plans:

Make Time For YOU!

As a manager or CEO, team leader or project supervisor, your team needs you for guidance and motivation. Making yourself available is an excellent way to ensure that your skills are utilized to the max.

At the same time, it’s incredibly important to limit people from work to access you 24/7. At the end of the day, you can only function at an optimal level when your health and happiness are both in order.

Put yourself first, and the rest will take care of itself!

Give Respect to Earn Respect

Simplicity wins yet again.

You can’t demand respect; you’ve got to earn it. If you live by this principle in work and life, you’ll never have to go out of your way to win over your team, family or friends. One thing many of us tend to forget is the importance of showing respect to everyone, regardless of their age and socio-economic background.

Treat everyone with kindness, regardless of who they are, and they’ll know exactly why you deserve to be in charge (and if you’re not, they’ll wonder why!).

Whatever You Do, Do It Because You Want To

No matter how great your job appears to be in the eyes of society, or how lovely your partner seems to your friends and family, if YOU’RE not happy in your current situation, it’s definitely not worth the physical and emotional investment.

At the root of our failure lies a deep-rooted fear of judgment.

Once you realize that your life is yours to live, you begin to make decisions that serve you best. Don’t let other people’s perception shape your future. Create your own path to success and take the road less traveled, knowing it’s what YOU truly desire!

Common sense, right? J

Steve Rizzo is an award-winning motivational speaker, delivering riveting keynote speeches to audiences worldwide. His bestselling book is available on Amazon.

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