A Guide to Finding Motivational Speakers

Careful planning is of utmost significance when you need your corporate event to be successful and memorable. The goal of such a meeting is to convey the right information to members of your organization and inspire them to be more productive.

It all comes down to the speaker; you need to hire someone who is an expert at engaging their audience to ensure optimal results.

1 - A Guide to Finding Motivational Speakers

A great motivational speaker leaves an impression that lasts long after the event is over. A motivational speaker with the right reputation and attitude can do wonders in enhancing employee morale and give you remarkable returns on your investment.

So without further ado, let’s delve into the process of finding a professional keynote speaker for your next event:

Listen To Demo Videos

The best way to assess whether or not a motivational speaker has the style and manner you need is to watch them in action. You can either attend one of their events or check out their demo videos online. This will help you get a better idea of how they connect with the audience.

Do They Understand What An Event Is About?

Many business speakers specialize in presenting subject matters to the corporate world such as sales, leadership, goal-setting, change management and more. Get to know a speaker’s history to find out if they are capable of delivering the right topic and messaging to your event’s audience.1 1 - A Guide to Finding Motivational Speakers

Also remember that your speaker needs to be an expert in controlling an audience’s interest; otherwise, people will not take them seriously.

Ask For References

Regardless of all the research you do reading up on a speaker’s history and speaking details, you need a clear idea of how successful their past events were.

Feedback and reviews are a good way to start. Take, as an example, the extraordinarily popular motivational speaker Steve Rizzo, whose website exhibits reviews from managers and leaders of organizations he collaborated with. These are the kinds of credentials you need to determine a speaker’s reputation.

Communicate Effectively

Finally, the success of a speaking event comes down to you as well. Make sure to provide a potential speaker with all the information about your organization, your employees and the direction you need them to take in their presentation.

Communication between you and a motivational speaker is just as important as communication between them and their audience.

These tips can help you take your next event from great to the best one your organization will ever see. Good luck speaker hunting!


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