7 Ways To Keep Hope Alive During The Tough Times

There are times when it seems everything is working against you. Life is tough, and just when you surpass one obstacle, there’s another one. Before you know it, you’re overcome with an ongoing sense of hopelessness.

So what do you do? How do you keep going, managing your troubles while leading a balanced, productive life?

Here are seven ways to help you keep your hopes up when you hit rock bottom…

1.     Remember that everything has a lesson

Be philosophical. Does having tough times mean that you’ve stalled, that you’re not accomplishing anything anymore? Every moment you spend solving your problems during tough times you are learning something.

Dealing with sickness? You’re learning to take better care of yourself and be empathetic toward others.

Failing at work? You may be surprised to discover that you are in the wrong career or have the wrong working philosophy.

2.     Recall any setbacks in the past

This cannot be the first time you’re experiencing bad times. If you think hard, you’ll remember all those times you had a bad month at school, one really horrible summer vacation, problems among your family, job rejections—anything you can think of.

Now think about how you got past those obstacles. In the end, everything worked out, right?

3.     Write it all down

Start a blog. Keep a journal. Document your tough times.

If you’ve had good moments, they go in, too. It’s cathartic having an outlet of sorts where you can put your feeling into words. Review your writing periodically, especially during particularly tough days.

4.     Find ways to laugh

Read a funny book. Watch a comedy or a funny motivational presentation. There’s no medicine like laughter. Think of it as an expulsion of your tensions. Even if your state of cheer is temporary, it will have unburdened you of some of your constant tension.

5.     If you cannot change something, accept it

Change can be scary. Change removes things and introduces new ones in your life. You can either waste your physical and mental energy obsessing over change and trying to reverse it, or you can just go with the flow and create your own way to be comfortable with it.

6.     Choose happiness over the right thing

One of the most self-destructive habits people have is over-thinking their every step, especially during challenging times.

You may be right in your evaluation of the “right thing” in a situation, but you may find yourself more depressed than you would be if you had just followed your heart.

7.     Accept all the support you can get

You don’t have to face your troubles all alone. If you have friends and family willing to lend a hand, let them. If you don’t, seek help elsewhere.

Everything, from an online inspirational video to a professional therapist’s advice, can work.

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