5 Nightly Rituals for a Rewarding New Day

In an age where we are surrounded by a plethora of distractions, going to sleep without something heavy on our minds is difficult.

Whether you realize it, your nightly rituals affect your entire day.

Your behavior and performance go hand in hand with peace of mind, and your peace of mind relies heavily on how you conclude your day.

Read on for the five habits that will give you a productive tomorrow:

1.     Eyes Off Work Papers

Come tomorrow, your work will be here; your sleep will be far gone.

It is useless pushing yourself beyond your workable hours if lack of sleep will slow you down the next day. Stop working at least half an hour before you go to bed. If your brain is buzzed with that spreadsheet data, chances are you will either not fall asleep, or you will go to sleep too stressed.

2.     Say Not to Wining and Dining (Snacking, too!)

Digestion and sleep are not the chummiest aspects of your life. Steer clear of eating and drinking alcohol as well as stimulating drinks such as coffee or soda at least two hours before your allotted shut-eye time.

3.     Tidy Room, Tidy Mind

A messy environment is a recipe for disturbing sleep. If you are surrounded by a bunch of papers strewn around in the morning, tossed clothes and abandoned books, you will feel rather uninspired.

An unclean home is a sight for sore eyes; make sure you allot some time for cleaning before you hit the sack.

4.     Chill out

There is a right temperature for your sleeping environment, and chances are the current one in your bedroom is not it. Studies by the National Sleep Foundation reveal that the ideal temperature for a peaceful nightly snooze is 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cool the temp, cool the mind; turn down the thermostat before you go off to bed.

5.     Unplug The World

A chief part of most of our lives is checking up on a new post, notification or tweet while we are in bed. Switch off all screens to unburden your brain; power off the laptop and put your smart phone to sleep.

If you absolutely need to squeeze in a new episode of Game of Thrones to avoid the in-office spoilers, make sure to lower the screen brightness to an eye-friendly level or put on blue-light-shielding sunglasses.

Incorporating even a couple of these practices in your pre-sleep life will make a change in your mornings. You’ll thank your past self when you go off to work tomorrow!

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