Your Job Doesn’t Define You—But You Shouldn’t Slack Off Either

We all know the dread of waking up day in and day out, showing up to work, waiting for the weekend and catching a case of the Sunday night blues before Monday comes back around. It can be daunting—even exhausting—to show up to work when you’re burnt out and tired to the bone.

It’s especially worse when your job begins to take over your life and it’s all you can think about. When your 9-5 grind starts creeping into your downtime, it’s hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance, let alone stay motivated.

When you catch yourself resenting your job—and yes, even our dream jobs can catch up with us—and begin to think of it as a burden as opposed to a passion, it might be time to reevaluate your choices.

How do I reevaluate my choices? I can’t just quit my job!

Don’t worry, quitting your job is the last thing we’re asking you to do. We know that even if you hate a job, you can’t just up and leave and throw caution to the wind. So what can you do? Well, a lot.

How do I reevaluate my choices - Your Job Doesn’t Define You—But You Shouldn’t Slack Off Either

  • To begin with, don’t let your job define you.Being an “engineer,” “doctor,” “writer,” or “corporate slave” (just kidding) are all noble pursuits and career choices, and you’ve worked hard to earn that title; but it’s not who you are. They’re what you do. It’s easy to spiral into an identity crisis when you can’t even remember who you are outside of work!
  • ”It’s curious to me that we have laws in place to make sure no one infringes upon our right to happiness, yet, we are so often a willing impediment to our own enjoyment of life.  The U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to ‘the pursuit of happiness.’ Maybe it should read “life, liberty and the happiness of the pursuit.”- Steve Rizzo

The quote above is such an apt and succinct explanation of what we mean by chasing what makes you happy! Make time for the little things and reward yourself, take breaks and be around people who make your life worth living. A life chasing paper is scarcely a life lived!

Work hard - Your Job Doesn’t Define You—But You Shouldn’t Slack Off Either

  • Work hard and don’t compare.You’re your only standard of success, not the CEO of a corporation, not your best friend, not your neighbor’s uncle. Just you. Half the battle is with your mind, the other half is believing in yourself. Don’t slack off because you don’t see yourself succeeding the way you thought. Define and redefine your meaning of success.

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