Your Foundation To Success

The key to creating the success and happiness you desire is to build your life on a rock-solid foundation. Read that again my friend. Why? Because it seems to be something most people don’t ever consider. Let me ask you a question. Would you build your dream house without a strong foundation to support it? I think you get the point. Whenever you set out to build the life you want, for your sake and for the sake of everyone involved in your life, build a strong foundation first, because when things aren’t going the way you want and it seems that your world is falling apart all around you, you can always re-build your life on a rock-solid foundation. How do you create a rock-solid foundation? Well, I’m glad you asked dear reader.
Successful and happy people have good times and bad times just like everyone else. They are not exempt from distress and affliction. What distinguishes them from the rest of the pack is their ability to make a shift when faced with a potentially negative situation or circumstance. That is to say that they focus on what’s working in their lives, rather than fixate on what isn’t working. Instead of wallowing in their problems, they create and direct thoughts to find solutions, or to at least to make them feel better. Truly successful, happy people are always grateful for what they have and they seldom complain about what they don’t have or what life is currently throwing at them. They create healthy habits and make conscious choices to enjoy themselves during the process of whatever they are trying to achieve. They know that the journey towards the goal is where their life unfolds and true happiness is experienced. And last, but certainly not least, successful and happy people always take time out to laugh. They intuitively know that humor is the instant mind-shift. Humor can neutralize negative thoughts and emotions before they blossom into emotional chaos. Even the slightest shift on how you perceive yourself and your surrounding world, (especially during trying circumstances), can change your reality. All of the examples in this paragraph are the criteria that successful and happy people live by. This is the rock-solid foundation they live their lives on. Read this paragraph again and again until you have a complete understanding.
This is not brain surgery my friend. It’s more like a brain adjustment. It’s simply a matter of shifting your focus and way of thinking to create a healthier perspective towards challenging circumstances and even life’s tragedies. If you adhere to this creed and make it a habit in your daily life, you will thereby be building your life on a rock-solid foundation. You will create within you the “bounce-back-factor.”

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